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Ebooks: Using Marx Library Ebooks with Ereaders: Gale Ebooks

Compatible Devices

Gale ebooks can be downloaded in pdf format and should work with all devices.

  1. Kindle
  2. Nook
  3. Sony eReader
  4. Kobo
  5. iPad
  6. Android

Gale Ebooks

The Marx Library has access to individual books the library has purchased and to some collections through the Alabama Virtual Library. These collections are:

  1. Gale Ebooks
  2. Twaynes Authors Online
  3. Scribner Writers Series
  4. Novels for Students
  5. Drama for Students
  6. Business Plans Handbook
  7. Personal Finance
  8. Scholarhips, Fellowships & Loans

Basic Search

Use this search if you have one or two words or a basic concept, such as poetry, that you want to search. Choose Advanced Search if you need to combine several terms or if you need to narrow your search.

Gale Ebooks basic search


Advanced Searching

The GVRL Advanced Search allows you to combine terms using "and" and "or," search using different indexes (keyword, document title, Image caption, subject and isbn are just a few), limit your results to documents with images, limit by date, search by publication title, limit to a particular subject area, limit to a target audience, and limit to English only titles.

Gale ebook advanced search

Subject Guide Searching

If you don't have a very complex search to perform but still need a few limiters, try the Subject Guide Search.

Gale subject guide search

Results Screen

This page provides the bibliographic information you need to cite the book and the table of contents so you can go directly to the chapter you need.

Gale ebook information page

Individual Book Page

Clicking on the book chapter title gives you further options. You can:

  1. Preview the book chapter full text. You can switch to book view from text view.
  2. Listen to the book chapter
  3. Send the chapter to your Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive
  4. Email the chapter
  5. Download the chapter. Downloading it opens the file as a pdf.
  6. Print the chapter
  7. Get the citation for the chapter in MLA 8th ed, APA 7th ed, Chicago 17the ed, or Harvard styles.
  8. Get a link to the chapter
  9. Highlight and make notes.
  10. Increase or decrease the font size
  11. Translate the text into a variety of languages

Gale chapter page