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Ebooks: Using Marx Library Ebooks with Ereaders: EBSCO eBook Collections

Required Software

EBSCO ebooks have digital rights management built into them. To print and download them, you need to create an Adobe ID and have the free Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

Download Adobe Digital Editions

Compatible Devices

  1. Nook
  2. Sony eReader
  3. Kobo
  4. iPad
  5. Android

Printing/Downloading Restrictions

EBSCO limits printing of its ebooks to 60 pages of a title in pdf format. The pages can also be saved instead of printed.  EBSCO also notes the following:

  1. Sometimes allowed printing of pages may be different from the 60 because of publisher restrictions.
  2. Some titles may not allow printing at all because of publisher restrictions.

Content Owned or Subscribed To

The Marx Library has access to two different EBSCO ebook collections:

  1. eBook Academic Collection -- a subscription database that contains over 112,000 ebook titles on a variety of topics. Access to most titles is unlimited. Books still need to be checked out but more than one person can check them out at a time.
  2. EBSCO eBook Collection: Access to the titles is this collection is not unlimited; if one person is viewing a book or has it checked out, access by others will be blocked.


The Marx Library subscribes to about 11,000 ebooks from EBSCO's eBook Collection and over 112,000 from EBSCO's eBook Academic Collection. Books in these collections can be found in three ways:

  1. The books in the EBSCO eBook Collection have been cataloged; therefore, they show up in SOUTHcat and you can retrieve them from there.
  2. The library has a search interface for searching across our databases, called OneSearch. EBSCO eBook titles appear here as well.
  3. Through the native EBSCO interface.

The Marx Library has chosen the Advanced Search as the default search screen.

EBSCO Ebook search screen

Results Screen

The EBSCO ebook collections allow you to download an entire book at once. You must check out the book to do so. The EBSCO eBook Collection titles that are checked out will then be unavailable to other users. This is not true with the EBSCO Academic Collection; books in this collection can be checked out by more than one person. The checkout period for books from EBSCO varies by collection. You can download them to your ereader. After the checkout period is up, when you try to access that book, you will get a message telling you the checkout period is over.

EBSCO Ebook brief record

EBSCO has a good support site for their ebooks; if you have problems using these books, check the site at

Checking Out an EBSCO ebook

To check out an EBSCO ebook, you can either use your Google account or create a free account for yourself. To do this:

  1. From OneSearch or any EBSCO database, click on Sign In from the top right
  2. You can then choose to either Continue with Google or use a username or email address and password.
  3. If you don't have an account, you can create one by clicking on Sigh up underneath Welcome Back.
  4. Fill out the information and click on Create account

To download and checkout an ebook:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Search for ebooks by keyword or title
  3. Click on Full Download; if you have not already signed in or created an account, you will be prompted to do so here. You may need to go to the full record after signing in to see the download link.
  4. Choose the checkout period -- longest checkout period is three days.
  5. Choose the format -- either PDF or EPUB (not all have EPUB options).
  6. Check that you have Adobe Digital Editions on your computer (you will need it to read many of these ebooks)
  7. Click on the Full Download button.
  8. Your ebook will download to your computer and you can transfer it to your ereader if you wish.
  9. If the ebook you wish to download is already checked out, you can place a hold on it.

Pages Available for Printing

Not all EBSCO ebooks allow printing, or else they limit the number of pages you can print to something other than the EBSCO standard of 60 pages. To see how many pages you can actually print:

  1. Choose a title from your result list
  2. Open the full text of the book by choosing either PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text
  3. Click on the printer icon near the top of the screen.
  4. A small screen will open giving the actual number of pages available for printing.

EBSCO Ebook printing