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Ebooks: Using Marx Library Ebooks with Ereaders: Kobo



Compatible Ebook Collections

Transferring Files to the Kobo

  1. Connect your Kobo to your computer
  2. You will see Read or manage?
  3. Choose Manage Library
  4. Once you do that, your computer will recognize your Kobo
  5. Transfer files to the Digital Editions folder

Kobo Transfer

Opening Transferred Files

Pdf -- the format most of our ebooks come in  -- is a format that is compatible with the Kobo. Since you've saved your ebook to the Digital Editions file, it will show up in your Kobo's menu. All you need to do is scroll to it and open it. If you do not see it in your books menu, check in the Documents area.

  1. Press the Menu button and a menu appears
  2. Scroll down to Documents and hit Enter
  3. Your newly added ebook or chapter should appear here.

Deleting Items from Your Kobo

  1. Attach your Kobo to your computer
  2. Choose Manage Library
  3. Go your Kobo drive
  4. Open the Digital Editions folder
  5. Highlight the item you want to delete and hit delete