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Ebooks: Using Marx Library Ebooks with Ereaders: Sony Reader

Sony Reader

Sony E-Reader

Compatible Ebook Collections

Deleting Unwanted Ebooks

  1. Attach your Reader to your computer
  2. Go to your Reader drive
  3. Open the Documents folder
  4. Highlight the document to be deleted
  5. Hit delete

Transferring Files to the Sony Reader

The Sony Reader can be used with Springer and ACLS ebooks since these books are in pdf format. It cannot be used with ebrary titles because it doesn't have a web interface.

  1. Download your ebook chapter to your computer.
  2. Connect your Reader to the computer using the USB cable
  3. Open Computer (Windows 7) or My Computer
  4. Double click on your Reader file so that the database, Documents and tmp folders appear
  5. Find where you saved your ebook file and highlight the title
  6. Drag and drop it into your Reader's Documents folder

Sony Reader Transfer


Opening Transferred Files

Because you've saved your book chapter to Documents folder, it will show up on the Sony Reader Menu Screen. Books on the Reader can be sorted by title, author and date. I recommend sorting by date for the quickest access to your new download. Then just scroll to the title and open it.

Sony Reader Menu