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Ebooks: Using Marx Library Ebooks with Ereaders: Oxford Ebooks

Compatible Devices

  1. Kindle
  2. Nook
  3. Sony eReader
  4. Kobo
  5. iPad
  6. Android

Printing/Downloading Restrictions

Oxford limits printing saving and downloading of its ebooks to a chapter pages at a time and notes that printing is also restricted by Copyright law.

Basic Searching

The basic search retrieves all Oxford content whether USA subscribes or not. The advanced search allows filtering by a variety of options, including full text, headings. bibliography, captions, abstract and chapter titles. You can also limit by date of publication. Choosing Oxford Scholarship Online from the beginning will help limit to USA-subscribed content.

Oxford ebooks home screen

Advanced Searching

The advanced search allows filtering and limiting of content. 

Oxford Advance search

The filtering and limiting options are now available and include Purchased (USA-owned content), Open Access, and Free.

Oxford limiters on advanced search

Complete Book Information

The book information page is full of useful data, from the abstract to the DOI (invaluable if you are using APA citation format). The chapter titles are listed below and you can access them as either html or pdf.

Oxford book information page


Downloading and Printing

Oxford books can be downloaded and printed by chapters only. Either the html or the pdf can be printed; the pdf is preferable. Choose PDF from the tools menu to download and print the best version of the book chapter.

Oxford chapter information page