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Ebooks: Using Marx Library Ebooks with Ereaders: Kindle


Kindle Fire

      Kindle Fire

Compatible Ebook Collections

These are the ebook collections that can be either downloaded to your Kindle or read through the Kindle Fire's web browser.

Deleting Unwanted Ebooks

  1. Attach your Kindle to your computer
  2. Go to your Kindle drive
  3. Open the documents folder
  4. Highlight the document to be deleted
  5. Hit delete
  6. You will also see a document with the same name, only with a pdr extension
  7. Delete that as well

Adobe Digital Editions and Kindle

Some of the Marx Library's ebook collections require the use of Adobe Digital Editions. This is a free download available for Windows and Mac at

However, the Kindle and the Kindle Fire are not supported devices, so EBSCO ebook Collection and ProQuest Ebook Central titles are not downloadable to the Kindle; the Kindle Fire HD allows EBSCO ebooks to be downloaded and read and ebrary titles can be read in the Silk browser.

For a complete list of devices supported by Adobe Digital Editions, see

Transferring Files to the Kindle

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer
  2. Download your ebook to the computer
  3. Open Computer (Windows 7) or My Computer
  4. Find your Kindle drive and double click to open the files there
  5. Locate the ebook file you've saved to your computer
  6. Highlight it and drag it to the Kindle's documents folder

Kindle transfer

Opening Transferred Files

Pdf -- the format most of our ebooks come in  -- is a format that is compatible with the Kindle. Since you've saved your ebook to the documents file, it will show up in your Kindle's menu. All you need to do is scroll to it and open it.

Kindle menu

Kindle Fire

  1. Download the books to the Documents folder, as with the regular Kindle.
  2. They don't automatically show up in your Books menu, however.
  3. To retrieve them, tap Docs on the Fire menu and then tap the document name to open it.
  4. Once you open it, the document will show up in your Home menu.

Opening PDF Files on the Kindle Fire Through the Web Interface

If you are not transferring ebook files to your Fire but are reading them through the web interface instead, you won't have a problem with Springer or ACLS titles. EBSCO's eBook collection titles can be downloaded on the Kindle Fire HD and ebrary titles can be read using the Silk browser. Springer titles can be read without downloading them, but they don't open up immediately. To access them:

  1. Click on Download PDF
  2. At the very top of the Fire, when the download is finished, you'll see a message -- Download Complete
  3. Click on the number next to your email address; the document title will appear (usually just fulltext.pdf)
  4. Tap the document title
  5. A message appears asking if you would like to complete this action using Amazon Kindle or OfficeSuite.
  6. Choose Amazon Kindle and your document will open.