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The United States government has several different databases scattered throughout the various agencies that help the public gain access to a myriad number of publications and information that is produced by the government.  The purpose of this LibGuide is to help you to narrow down your search within the different broad-topic organizational guides.  Access to these databases and their content are available free from the government to anyone who wishes to use them.

In addition to government databases, the USA Libraries provide access to government-related content through several different commercial databases.  They are paid for by the Library so you may access them for free.  Because of licensing agreements restrictions, these commercial databases have certain limits on who may access their content.  Anyone within our library building may use any of our databases.  Users from outside of our library must be part of our University of South Alabama community, i.e., USA students, USA faculty, and USA staff.  Listed in the box below are those commercial databases that index & abstracts government information, with some providing full-text content to the resources.

Government-Related Commercial Databases

Government Documents

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