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Accessing Resources from Off Campus: Journal Alerts and Article Links

Journal Alerts and Article Links

Article links sent by email from a database may not work off campus. Journal alerts may cause a similar problem as will any links just copied and pasted from a database. There is a workaround to this.

The links to our databases that allow off-campus access have a special prefix in front of them to take you to a page to be authenticated and recognized as affiliated with the University of South Alabama. You can add this prefix to any links you get through email to be allowed off-campus access. The prefix is:

Paste this URL in front of any links you receive from journal alerts or other emails from University Libraries subscribed databases or when linking to an article directly in Sakai. You can use the form below to generate new links.

Step 1: Copy the URL of the article or e-book, then paste (ctrl+v) it here. Include the http:// at the start of the URL.

Step 2: Press the generate button.

Step 3: Copy the new URL and paste it into e-mail, Sakai, etc.

Copying and Pasting Links

Copying and pasting links to most of our article databases is not a good idea as these links are not permanent links -- when you go back to try to access an article using the link you pasted into your email, it often will not work. This is because most databases use session ids which are good only for the time you are using the database.


Some databases, such as the EBSCO ones, have a permalink you can use instead.

Click on the title of an article you are interested in and look to the right to see a list of EBSCO database tools:

EBSCO tools

Click on Permalink to display the URL to use for copying and pasting urls from EBSCO:

EBSCO Permalink