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Accessing Resources from Off Campus: Internet Service Provider Issues


While not technically an Internet service provider related issue, you may sometimes get a message asking you to accept a certificate after you login to a database. Since you are going to University Libraries' subscribed databases, you can presume that they are trusted sources and click Yes to proceed to the database.

Web Accelerators

If you are using a web accelerator and notice that you are having problems connecting to the library's databases, turn the web accelerator off. You aren't uninstalling it, so you can always turn the accelerator back on. 

Cable Service Provider

Some cable service providers set up Internet access so that it goes through their proxy server. This interferes with ours. To check if your access is through a proxy, follow these steps:

Internet Explorer Firefox
Select: Tools Select Tools then Options
Select: Internet Options Select Advanced
Select: the Connections tab, then LAN Settings Select the Network tab
Look at the box under Proxy server to see if it is checked Click on Settings
If it is checked, uncheck it Under Configure proxies to access the Internet, is anything checked besides No Proxy?
Click OK If so, check No Proxy
Click on Cancel on the Internet Options menu Click on OK

Before you make any changes to these settings, write down your current settings so you can restore them if you need to.