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Accessing Resources from Off Campus: Login Screen

Login Screen

Your login name for Marx Library and Biomedical Library databases is your J Number and your password is the same as your JagMail password.

The login screen for library databases, electronic journals, and ebooks will appear once you have clicked on the link to that resource. This is the only login screen you should get:

Login screen

Asks for ID First and then Last Name

If you are asked for an ID first and then your last name, you are logged into the USA Libraries' catalog not into our databases. The catalog provides you with information about titles owned by the University Libraries but does not give you access to fulltext journal articles. Go to the Marx Library's web site at and choose  Databases & e-Reference under Library Resources or to the Biomedical Library's web at and choose Database List from under Find Articles.

The SOUTHcat login screen looks like this:

Login Screen Different From What is Pictured

If the login screen is different from what is pictured below and it's not SOUTHcat, make sure that your access point was either the Marx Library's web site at or the Biomedical Library's web site at If you go directly to a database without going through the Libraries' web sites, you will not be identified as being affiliated with the University of South Alabama and will not be allowed access.

Login screen

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