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The University of South Alabama (USA) Libraries have been a Federal Depository since 1968.

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About this Guide

This guide was created as a supplement to a display in the Government Documents Dept. (2nd Floor South).  It reflects the materials in government information that are available to the University of South Alabama community from either the Marx Library or on the web.  Resources in this guide are limited to materials published by a federal agency or at the behast of a federal agency.  This LibGuide is not intended to be a definitive listing of all materials available on this subject.

Recipes and cookbooks have been published by various federal agencies: ARS, CNPP, FDA, FNS, FWS, HHS, LC, NCI, NDEP, NHLBI, NIH, NMFS, NOAA, PHS, USAF, USDA, VA.  This LibGuide is an attempt to bring them all together in one place.

Favorite place to find a recipe within a government document

My favorite place that I found recipes was in the U.S. REPORTS (533 US 405) between pages 430-431.  It was listed as an appendix to the dissenting opinion of Justice Breyer -- a pamphlet called "Let Your Love Mushroom!"

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