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Streaming Media: Sage Research Methods Videos

Sage Research Videos

The Sage Research Methods Videos database contains over 480 videos on all aspects of the research process and include tutorials, interviews, case studies, and mini-documentaries.

Within a video landing page, you can:

  • View an abstract
  • Get citation information 
  • Share a video
  • Get an embed code
  • Read the transcript of the videos
  • Download the transcript as a pdf
  • View video and segment information
  • View related content
  • View a methods map

When you create an individual login, you can also:

  1. Create clips
  2. Add videos to a list

Creating a Profile

To create a playlist, you must be logged into a personal Sage Research Methods Videos account. To create an account:

  1. Go to Sage Research Methods Videos
  2. Click on the Profile icon at the top right
  3. Choose Create Profile


Sage Research Methods Videos content can be discovered by:

  • Searching SOUTHcat
  • Browsing content at Sage Research Methods Videos
  • Searching Sage Research Methods Videos using a basic search or an advanced search.


Sage Research Methods Videos can be browsed by:

  1. topic
  2. discipline
  3. content type (videos or podcasts)

Sage Research Methods Videos browse

Advanced Searching

Search by all of the following:

  1. Full Text
  2. Title
  3. Author/Editor
  4. Method
  5. Keyword
  6. Abstract
  7. DOI
  8. ISBN

Sage Research Methods Videos Advanced Search screen

You can further limit by the following:

  1. Publication information including year
  2. Disciplines
  3. Sage products

Creating Play Lists

If you've never created a playlist in Sage Research Methods Videos before, they must be created from an individual video's landing page. To create one:

  1. Login to Sage using My Profile
  2. Find a video you are interested in.
  3. Above the video, choose List
  4. A dialog box will open with the option to add to an existing list or to create a new list
  5. Choose Create a New List and name it
  6. You have the option to make this list either public or private
  7. Click Create. You'll get a pop-up box that the list has been created. Your video will be automatically added.
  8. To view your lists, go to My Profile and choose My Reading Lists. From here, you can:
    1. View Details
    2. Embed
    3. Share
    4. Edit
    5. Cite All
    6. Delete
  9. You can also create new lists from the My Reading Lists screen

Once you've created a playlist, adding videos to it is as simple as clicking on the List button for a video and choosing the playlist name.

Creating Clips

Making Clips

  1. Go to the landing page of the video you are interested in.
  2. Choose the Create Clip button below the video
  3. Enter a Start time and an End time along with a description
  4. Click Save to save your clip.
  5. Add it to either My Reading Lists or My Clips

Sage Research Methods Videos create clips