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Streaming Media: Kanopy

Kanopy Requests

The USA University Libraries have reached an agreement with Kanopy to participate in a program where all of Kanopy's content is open to USA users without restriction. What this means for users is:

  • You will no longer see messages telling you that a video is not available at this library
  • You will no longer have to request any title.



Kanopy contains videos across a variety of disciplines. Titles can be found by

  • Searching SOUTHcat and limiting to streaming video
  • Searching or browsing subjects at the Kanopy web site.

Within a video landing page, you can:

  • View a description of the video
  • Find out how to cite the video
  • Share the video via email and social media
  • Get a code to embed or link the video
  • View the video transcript (you must play the video to see the transcript.)
  • Report and problems with the video.

By creating a personal account, you can also do the following:

  • Add the video to your personal watch list
  • Add the video to a playlist
  • Create a clip from the video


Kanopy content can be discovered by:

  • Searching SOUTHcat
  • Browsing content at Kanopy and narrowing by
    • Content type
    • Subject areas
  • Searching Kanopy


Kanopy search bar

Enter keywords, subjects, or video titles

Narrowing Your Search

Kanopy does not provide options to focus results at the search level, but once you get a search results list, that list can be narrowed by choosing a variety of facets.

Kanopy results list

Creating an Account

In order to create playlists and clips within Kanopy, you first need to create an individual login. To do this:

  1. Choose Sign Up from the top bar
  2. You can choose to create a Kanopy account with any of the following:
    1. Facebook
    2. Google
    3. Your email
  3. After you've finished, click on Sign Up again.

Creating Playlists

To create a playlist, login to your account and:

  1.  Find videos you are interested in.
  2. To add a video to a playlist, go to that video's landing page and click on Create Clip/Playlist if you have no existing playlists
  3. Under Create New Playlist, name your playlist; your video will automatically be added to the new playlist
  4. If you already have playlists, click on Create Clip/Playlist; your playlists will be displayed.
  5. Click on Add video to add the chosen title to any of those existing playlists.

Creating Clips

To create a clip:

  1. Login to your Kanopy account
  2. Find a video you are interested in and go to the video's landing page.
  3. Add your video to a playlist
  4. Click on Edit playlist
  5. Click on Edit next to the video you want to create a clip from
  6. Play the video or use the scroll bar,
  7. When it reaches the place where you want to start, click Start Time under the video
  8. Click Capture
  9. Use the scroll bar to go to the place you want to end the clip, click in the End Time box and click Capture
  10. Click Save Clip