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Streaming Media: contains videos that address therapeutic issues from a variety of perspectives. The USA Libraries subscribe to the complete collection. Titles can be found by

Within a video landing page, you can:

  • View a description
  • Read the transcript of the videos
  • Download the transcript
  • Create clips from a transcript
  • View and share clips
  • Download manuals that may be associated with the video, such as an instructor's manual.

Searching content can be discovered by:

  • Searching SOUTHcat
  • Browsing content at
  • Searching using 


Psychotherapy, net can be browsed by choosing:

  1. approach
  2. therapeutic issue
  3. expert
  4. population browse bar

Once you choose an option, a menu will open up allowing you to further narrow your results.


Search by keywords, subjects, and titles.

Psychotherapynet search box

Creating Clips

Making Clips

  1. Go to the landing page of the video you are interested in.
  2. Highlight the section you want to clip in the transcript below the video
  3. Name your clip in the area that opens up
  4. Click Save to save your clip.

Highlight Transcript

Psychotherapynet highlight transcript

Choose Make Clips

Psychotherapynet make clips button

In the dialog box, name then save your clip.

psychotherapynet name and save clip

To edit, delete, or share your clip, go to to the box next to the video and choose Clips

psychotherapynet clip tools