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EDL 512: Community Development: Website Search Tricks

Searching University Websites

College and university websites can be difficult to navigate when you're not already familiar with how the campus works and what campus offices are called. You may find it easier to use Google Advanced Search to locate the information you need. Here is an example of using Google Advanced Search to search the USA website. (Note: The search feature on USA's website is a Google custom search.)

Begin at For some reason, Google makes this link hard to find. Enter your search terms as keywords or a phrase in the appropriate search box. In the site or domain field, put in the web address of the school you are interested in. 

screenshot of Google Advanced Search for Carnegie classification within the USA website

The results screen will look like any Google results screen, but all results come from the university website. 

Google results screen from advanced search of USA website

Click through on the links that interest you. 

image of Midweek Memo from 2/8/11 with Carnegie classification announcement