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OneSearch at USA Libraries: About OneSearch

An overview of USA Libraries' OneSearch tool (also known as EBSCO Discovery Service)

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch (also known as EBSCO Discovery Service) is a tool tha provides a single search box to simultaneously search many of the libraries' resouces, including books, e-books, articles, media, and more.

It features:

  • A simple search box that searches many of the libraries' databases as well as SOUTHcat, the libraries' catalog
  • Ability to limit searches by source type, date, content provider, full-text availability, and more
  • A user-friendly interface based on the EBSCOhost platform familiar to many of our user

A step-by-step guide to using OneSearch is on the next tab of this guide.

When should I use OneSearch?

OneSearch is a great place to start your research because it helps you quickly search across many resources at once, rather than searching individual databases. You can limit your results based on a number of facets, including date range, source type, and full-text availability. The libraries' catalog, SOUTHcat, is included in the search, meaning you no longer have to search different places to find articles and books.

When should I not use OneSearch?

In order to take advantage of the advanced features of many specialized databases, you are better off searching a single, subject-specific database. Once you are acquainted with the particular databases for your field of study, you should become familiar with those databases and their advanced options.

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