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Mathematics & Statistics: Style Guides

Manuals and Web Guides to Style

The sources below offer assistance with the mechanics of paper presentation in the field of mathematics, such as preparing bibliographies, footnoting, underlining, and using quotation marks.

AMS Author Packages were designed to be used with an existing TeX system. The following must be installed: TeX (available as freeware or shareware, or from commercial TeX vendors), LaTeX or AMS-TeX, and AMSFonts (if using extra symbols).
This handbook is intended for authors and keyboarders who are preparing books or articles that have been accepted for publication by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Articles for electronic-only publications are processed pre-acceptance; in those instances, refer to the section on electronic-only journals for information.
The Chicago Manual of Style
A standard guide to research, writing, and the mechanics of manuscript presentation for the purposes of publication, including examples for citing electronic publications.