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MKT 541: Strategic Marketing: Small and Local Business Resources

This course guide is for those graduate students enrolled in MKT 541. [Originally created by Marty Branch, Business Librarian]

Small Business Development Center

The Mitchell College of Business houses the Small Business Development Center.  It is one of eleven Small Business Development Centers in Alabama.  The Center offers business services to businesses in a six-county area of southwest Alabama.  The SBDC offers free one-on-one counseling and conducts workshops that address the needs of the business community.

Private Company Research

When researching privately-held companies, one will need to research competitors and the industry for additional information but we have a new reference title in the Library that will offer a good start.

In our Reference Book Section:

Hoover's Handbook of Private Companies (MCOB HG 4057.A28816 2011) - this reference has four sections: profile information and how to use; a listing section of the fastest-growing private companies; the actual company profile section (900 profiles) arranged alphabetically and the last section has three indexes.  These indexes sorts the companies by industry group, the second by HQ location and the last index contain information on the executives.

Online Resources

Recommendations for online websites - click on title that will link you to the website:

Recommended Books

Alabama Economic Outlook (MCOB Reference HC107.A2 A45 2007)

Alabama Economic Outlook, Forecast Tables (MCOB Reference HC107.A2 A452 2007)

Alabama Business Directory (MCOB Reference HF 5605.A37 A34)

Alabama Industrial Directory (MCOB Reference T 12.A42)

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Directory and Buyer's Guide (MCOB Reference HF 5068.M6)

Recommended Serials (Journals, Magazines, etc.)

Alabama Business (MCOB magazine area)

Business View from Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce (MCOB magazine area)

Southern Business and Economic Journal (MCOB magazine area)