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Publication Metrics: Web of Science Article Metrics

Article Metrics

Article metrics give readers information about the relative reach and impact of a specific article. These metrics include:

  1. Citations to the article in Web of Science
  2. Cited references
  3. Usage in Web of Science

Article Citation Information

Web of Science provides two types of information on an article's information page:

  1. Times cited: this number gets separated into two numbers -- the number of times an article is cited in the WoS Core Collection (Science Citation Index Expanded, Social Sciences Citation Index, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index), and then the number of times it is cited in other Web of Science databases (BIOSIS Citation Index, Chinese Science Citation Index, Russian Science Citation Index and SciELO, among others).
  2. Usage count in Web of Science:  The number of times users have clicked on links to the full text or saved the article for use in a reference manager. Numbers are provided for the past 180 days and for the usage since 2013.

Times cited in Web of Science

The usage data is farther down the screen to the right and includes all usage, not just that for USA.

Web of Science usage