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Publication Metrics: Scopus Author Metrics

Author Metrics

Author metrics are numbers that provide information on a scholar's publication output, reach, and impact. These metrics include:

  1. the author's h-index
  2. the author's h-graph
  3. Citations counts to articles by the author or citation analysis


The h-graph is simply a graphical representation of the h-index and can be found next to the h-index in Scopus. Just click on View h-graph.

Scopus view h-graph

The h-index in Scopus

To find the h-index in Scopus:

  1. Go to Scopus
  2. The default search is Documents; click on Authors, which is next to Documents
  3. If you have an ORCID ID, the process is simple, enter it and click on Search. If not:
  4. Enter your name. For a more specific search, enter your first name. You can include institutional affiliation as well.
  5. When the results list appears, check the authors that could be you, then
  6. Click on View citation overview above the list of names.
  7. The author h-index is near the top.

Scopus author metrics

Citation Analysis

Citation analysis, at its most basic, is simply counting the number of times an article has been cited in other publications.  The USA Libraries have a number of resources that can help you do this, and there several that are publicly available as well.


Citation counts for authors listed in Scopus go back several years. To find them:

  1. Choose Authors
  2. If you have an ORCID ID, use the ORCID ID search; this will give you only the author you are looking for.
  3. If you do not have an ORCID ID, enter the author's last name and first initial, if you have it. Some names are really common, so if you have an institutional affiliation, enter it, and click on Search.
  4. Click on the name of the author you are interested in.
  5. This displays an author profile which includes the author h-index, number of documents by that author, and total citations to that author's works..
  6. TIP: The graph you see does not, for some authors, cover all years of their publications; instead, to see citation counts broken out by year, choose View citation overview under Document & citation trends next to Analyze author output.

Scopus detailed author metrics