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NU Nursing Theory: Nursing Theories

Nursing Theories

A selected list of prominent nursing theories with related resources from the professional literature generally not written by the theorists themselves. (Note: This list contains examples of articles from the professional literature, but is in now way comprehensive or even fully representative of all available materials.)


Adaptation Model - Sr. Callista Roy

Bureaucratic Caring (Theory of) - Marilyn Ray

Caritative Caring (Theory of) - Katie Eriksson

Fundamental Patterns of Knowing - Barbara Carper

Goal Attainment (Theory of) - Imogene King

Health as Expanding Consciousness Theory - Betty Newman

Health Promotion Model - Nola Pender

Holistic Theory/Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory - Helen Erickson (et al)

Human Becoming Theory - Rosemarie Rizzo Parse

Human to Human Relationship Model - Joyce Travellbee

Interpersonal Theory - Hildegard Peplau

Maternal Role Attainment Theory - Ramona Mercer

Need Theory - Virginia Henderson

Nursing Process Theory - Ida Jean Orlando

Power as Knowing Participation in Change (Theory of) - Elizabeth Barrett

Roper-Logan-Tierney Model of Nursing - Nancy Roper, Winifred Logan, Alison J. Tierney

Self-Care Deficit Theory - Dorothea Orem

Six Cs of Caring Model - Sr. Simone Roach

Systems Theory - Betty Neuman

Tidal Model - Phil Barker

Transcultural Nursing Theory - Madeline Leininger

Twenty-One Nursing Problems Theory - Faye Abdellah

Uncertainty in Illness Theory - Merle Mishel

Unitary Human Beings (Science of) - Martha Rogers

Watson's Caring Theory - Jean Watson