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Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery (Copy Service): Lending to Other Libraries

Contact Information

Mailing Address

     Marx Library
     Interlibrary Loans
     5901 USA Dr. N.
     Mobile AL 36688

Other Contact Information

Phone          251-460-7034
Fax               251-460-7636
OCLC Symbol   ACM
NUC                  AMobU


Established Reciprocals

Office Hours

Monday through Friday 8:00am to
5:00pm (Central Standard Time)
Closed in observation of various
state and federal holidays

General Information

This policy statement relates to the exchange of books and articles with other libraries according to the InterLibrary Loan Code for the United States with Explanatory Text and the International Resource Sharing and Document Delivery: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure.  Interlibrary loan is a transaction between institutions, not individuals.  Individuals will need to contact their local library’s interlibrary loan office if they wish to request material owned by the Marx Library.

We accept ILL requests via OCLC (symbol: ACM) or on an ALA form via mail or fax.  Telephone/Email requests are not accepted.  Requests should comply with standard ILL procedures, especially with regard to copyright.  Submit requests with complete bibliographic and contact information.  Incomplete requests may create delays in processing.  For ownership and library holdings information, please verify by searching SOUTHcat, our online catalog, or verify in OCLC prior to submitting a request.

Non-circulating materials include:  reference books, journals, special collections, microfilm/fiche, AV material, videos, DVDs, CDs.  We reserve the right not to lend items if their condition or value are of concern or if they are in high demand for our patrons' use.

Supplying Fees


            Reciprocal: we charge what you charge us -- accept only if by OCLC IFM billing
            International loans: will charge postage and accept only if by IFM billing / IFLA Vouchers.

Loan Period/Delivery

           Books are usually loaned for 28 days with a 14 day renewal.
           Will loan circulating copy of Doctoral Dissertations and Master’s Theses for 28 days with a 14 day renewal.
           Theses and Dissertations published after 2016 are only available from Proquest.
           DVDs are loans on a case-by-case basis for 3 weeks with no renewal.
           DVDs must be returned by trackable mail - UPS/FedEX.
           Delivery via UPS in state (NAAL members only)
           Delivery via U. S. Mail out of state.
           Books will be shipped FedEx only if the requesting library’s account can be charged.

          In accordance with ALA guidelines, the requesting library is responsible for any item from the time it leaves our library until it
          is checked back in.  The requesting library is also responsible for following any restrictions and/or conditions placed on an item 
          and for returning it in a timely fashion.


           United  States                                                                                         International
$10.00 per article                                                                                   $10.00 per article plus postage
           Accept  only if by OCLC IFM billing                                                       Accept  only if by OCLC IFM billing / IFLA Voucher                                            
           Delivery via Odyssey, Article Exchange, U. S. Mail or Fax                   Delivery via Odyssey, Article Exchange, U. S. Mail or Fax 
           $5.00 surcharge for Fax (U.S only)                                       

           Please include an Odyssey IP address, email address or fax number with request.

          We cannot supply PDF copies of articles when prohibited by the license agreement with the electronic database vendor.

Billing Method

            Will accept only if billing by OCLC IFM.

Fee Structure

U.S. Destination
International Destination Including Canada and Mexico
Loans Reciprocal -- accept only if by OCLC IFM billing
Delivery via UPS in state (NAAL members only)
Delivery  via US Mail out of state
FedEx -- Borrower account is charged

Postal Charges Delivery via US Mail

Copies $10.00 per article -- accept only if by OCLC IFM billing
Delivery via Odyssey / Article Exchange
US Mail / Fax
$10.00 per article plus postage Delivery via Odyssey / Article Exchange / US Mail 
Accept only if by OCLC IFM billing / IFLA Voucher
Fax Service $5.00 per article N/A