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MCOB Learning Resource Center (LRC) Resources: Small & Local Business Resources

This guide is to inform and update the Mitchell College of Business students and faculty of the resources and services available in the business learning resource center. [Originally created by Marty Branch, Business Librarian]

Small Business Development Center

The Alabama Small Business Development Center at South Alabama is located in Downtown Mobile at 358 St. Louis Street. It is one of ten Small Business Development Centers in Alabama. The Center offers business services to businesses in a six-county area of southwest Alabama.  The SBDC offers free one-on-one counseling and conducts workshops that address the needs of the business community.

Business Plans Handbook

Business Plans Handbook (MCOB Reference HD62.7.B865 v, 1-28) is an excellent resource to review sample plans for just about any business one would be interested.  Check the index in the back of the last volume to find out the volume for a specific business plan.  Here is a small sample of what the 28 volumes include:

v. 1: accounting systems consulting, aerospace supplier, bed and breakfast, biscotti bakery, business consulting, car wash, crane service, diaper delivery, editorial services & consulting, elder care, equipment rental, framing/antiques store, import boutique, inn/resort, ladder company, magazine publisher, online consulting, printing company, publisher, restaurant, retail clothing, retail florist, retail tobacco/magazines, salad packaging, software developer, toiletry company, toy company, virtual reality.

v. 2: automobile assembly, freelance editor, kennel, marternity aid, media producer, microbrewery, mobile studio, newsletter, photo framing, public relations firm, restaurant/bar, restaurant franchise, restaurant (nonprofit), search service, sports collectibles, television childproofer, virtual shopping

v. 3: auto accessories and detailing, carpet cleaning service, computer matchmaking service, dance and skate outfitter, dial-it service, dry cleaner, fast food, food processor, graffiti removal service, ice cream shop, indoor playground, internet consultant, mailing list service, management consulting service, manufacturing business, marketing consultant, multilevel marketing, pharmaceutical company, plumbing shop, refrigerant recovery, sandwich shop, video service

v. 4: audio production service, automotive dealer group, automotive repair service, bed & breakfast, bottled water manufacturer, child transportation service, coffee house, coffee roaster, direct mail outlet, emu ranch, engineering management consultant, marketing communications firm, men's clothing retailer, online government contract service, online hospitality service, outdoor adventure travel company, paint distributor, powder coating manufacturer, record company, restaurant, retail & commercial design firm, rubber adhesive manufacturer, travel agency, travel information service

v. 5: bagel shop, bread bakery, car wash, cigar shop, climbing outfitter, computer reseller, detective agency, freight expediting, gift store, Internet cafe, marketing consultancy, metal shop, pasta franchise, taxi service

v.6: airline, bed and breakfast, Caribbean cafe, cookie shop, health plan administrator, medical equipment manufacturer, paintball sport company, publisher, real estate investor, record store, retail art furnishing store, shave ice stand, software developer, used car dealership

v.7: accounting service, auto sales company, bowling alley, coffee bean plant/exporter, desktop publishing company, display technology company, event planning company, financial services company, general contracting company, healthcare software company, hotel resort, limited liability company, medical billing company, mortgage company, nightclub, nursery, plastic drum company, real estate company, restaurant, roller rink, screen print drying company, software engineering & management company, special needs clothing store, specialty car wash, wireless internet service

v.8: advertising agency, aftermarket Internet applications, aftermarket skate store, charity youth hockey tournament, chemical manufacturer, convenience store & bait shop, creative agency, dentist, discount Internet securities broker, energy solutions company, gourmet foods company, Internet marketplace, leasing company, online job services, online merchant, online outdoor company, racing parts store, rock climber's store & cafe, ski resort, structural engineering consulting firm, student services consulting firm, teen night club

v. 9: airline company, business development firm, caviar company, computer training service business, concert promotions company, counseling center, dollar store, electronic document security company, financial services company, golf driving range, grocery store, import/export store, Internet communications service provider, Internet software company, Internet travel agency business, marble quarry, nonprofit youth outreach ministry, online publishing system, retail business incubator, retail clothing store, science information website company, skin creme formulator, video production & distribution company, wireless systems integrator

v. 10: automotive repair service, bioterrorism prevention organization, bistro and wine bar, coatings inspection company, event photography service, fertilizer & commodity chemicals company, food, diet & nutrition company, golf grip manufacturer, holistic health center, home decor products manufacturer, housing rehabilitation company, internet & network security solution provider, litigation services company, medical equipment producer, mural company, network game centers, online customer service support, painting company, routing/navigation software company, structural genomics software provider

v. 11: adventure travel lodging company, brewpub, cigar company, construction and home rehabilitation company, daycare facility, giftware company, handmade greeting card company, handyman service, homeless shelter, interior design company, interior painting service, internet loyalty program, internet services portal site, massage therapists, mentally disabled care facility, motorcycle dealership and racetrack, online mortgage company, pizzeria, private investigator

v. 12: beauty salon, campground, car wash, concrete coating company, custodial cleaning company, daycare, dentist's office, e-commerce website producer, entertainment production, distribution and performance company, general staffing company, go-cart designer and supplier, home inspection company, information technology personnel agency, online payment services

v. 13: advertising brokerage firm, barbecue sauce manufacturer, campus apartment complex, childrens' indoor recreation center, corner store, environmentally minded residential construction company, ethnic food supplier, fitness center, gift store, home renovation contractor, landscaping service, leather accessory manufacturer, meal facilitation and preparation company, producer and supplier of plants and flowers, restaurant, technology solutions provider, trademarked resort wear distributor, veterinary practice, wine merchant and storage facility

v. 14: academic testing improvement service, art gallery, cafe and gas station, courier service, ethanol fuel production, fantasy book & memorabilia store, food and beverage vending company, greenhouse and flower shop, home furnishing manufacturer, interior renovation company, organic grower and supplier, pet sitting service, residential and commercial painting service, shoe store, smoothie and juice shop, tattoo & body piercing, used clothing, furniture, and antique store, water purification system distributor, website designer, wooden furniture manufacturer and supplier

Online Resources

Recommendations for online websites - click on title that will link you to the website:

Recommended Books

Alabama Economic Outlook (MCOB Reference HC107.A2 A45 2007)

Alabama Economic Outlook, Forecast Tables (MCOB Reference HC107.A2 A452 2007)

Alabama Business Directory (MCOB Reference HF 5605.A37 A34)

Alabama Industrial Directory (MCOB Reference T 12.A42)

Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce Directory and Buyer's Guide (MCOB Reference HF 5068.M6)

Recommended Serials (Journals, Magazines, etc.)

Alabama Business (MCOB magazine area)

Business View from Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce (MCOB magazine area)

Southern Business and Economic Journal (MCOB magazine area)