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Legacy Leadership Institute for Older Adults: Prescriptions/Discounted Medications

A guide to library resources for participants in the Legacy Leadership Institute for Older Adults at the University of South Alabama. This guide was created by Paula Webb and updated by Rachel Fenske.

Many options for prescription drugs


Whether you have private insurance, Medicare, or don't have any insurance, there are many places to locate free or discounted prescription drugs.  With the rising cost of drugs and gaps you may have in Medicare, it may be a good idea to check out the resources listed to ensure you are getting the best price available.  You can also pass this information on to your friends, family members, and neighbors.



Daily Medications

Prescription Drug Information

Discounted/Free Medication Resources

Alternative Medicine and Supplements

Dietary Supplement Label Database

Provides information on all supplement labels produced in the United States. The database includes images, name and form of ingredients, amount of dietary ingredients, and all label statements.  Consumers can learn more about the ingredients listed in over 100,000 product labels which is updated on a regular basis.

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health

This website, from the National Institutes of Health, provides a wealth of information on complementary and alternative health approaches.  While complementary health is used in addition to standard health approaches, alternative health is used instead of standard treatments.  Both can be of benefit to the patient.  Information on herbs, new research and new items of interest within certain health conditions are available.  Those wanting to learn the science of research and development, as well as, new approaches to health and wellness an be found on this site.