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BUS 440: Business in Regional and Emerging Markets: Assignment 4- Start Here

This guide will help students in the BUS 440: Business in Regional and Emerging Markets locate data about countries.

1. World Bank Country Classification

New World Bank country classifications by income level: 2022-2023 - Discusses the requirements for country income classifications.

List of Countries

2. Data Sources for Table

The CIA World Factbook 

provides users with an excellent concise country overview (map. introduction, geography, people, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues). You can either lookup by country or use the "Country Comparisons" link to search by variable.


World Development Indicators

The primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially-recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates.

3. Articles Recommended by Dr. Sharland

Dr. Sharland recommended sample articles for this assignment. You'll want to locate similar articles for this assignment. Here are tips on finding good articles for this assignment.


Sharland, A., Mitchell, D., & Menon, M. (2013). An international comparison of school to work transition systems: how best to evaluate outcomes. International Journal of Society Systems Science5(2), 99-112. (Note: provided by Dr. Sharland via email in Canvas. USA Libraries does not have access to the article in one of our databases.)


Cataldi, A., Kampelmann, S. and Rycx, F. (2012), Does it pay to be productive? The case of age groups, International Journal of Manpower, 33(3), 264-283.


Lamb, S., & McKenzie, P. (2001). Executive Summary. Patterns of success and failure in the transition from school to work in Australia. (Click on the Executive Summary Link at the bottom of the page)


Aves, J. (2001, August). Managing offshore outsourcing.  FDM, 73(10), 72-76. Available via ABI/Inform Global database.

(Note: USA Libraries does not have access to this article. We do not subscribe to the ABI/Inform Global database. In keeping with Copyright Laws, I can't post a link to the article or provide the PDF on the open web. Students can order the article from another Library through our InterLibrary Loan service. Or, Dr. Sharland can provide the article to students through Canvas under the "Fair Use doctrine" of the U.S. Copyright Law.) 

Tips for Locating Articles for this assignment

1) Use Dr. Sharland's paper to identify sources in his References list that might be useful in your paper. Then use the page in this Guide called "Find Articles from the Citation Information."   


2) Try using Google Scholar to find articles that are similar See tips for setting up Google Scholar on your own laptop. This will make locating articles much easier. Try typing in the title of an article and maybe an author. Use the "Cited By" feature to find more recent articles that have cited the original article and the "Related Articles" feature.


3) Try searching the Business Source Complete database. See suggestions about keywords to use in Searches.


3) You might try searching some of the same keywords suggested for the databases using your favorite search engine.