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BUS 440: Business in Regional and Emerging Markets: Assignment 4: Find Articles from the Citation Information

This guide will help students in the BUS 440: Business in Regional and Emerging Markets locate data about countries.

Login and Password

Your Login/Password for all University of South Alabama resources is your entire Jag # (including the J00) and the same password used for your Jagmail email account. 

Finding an article based on a citation

This is an example using an article listed in the Reference List from Dr. Sharland's article. 
Furlong, A. (2006). Not a very NEET solution: representing problematic labour market transitions among early school leavers. Work, Employment, and Society, 20(3), 553.
When given a citation, these are the steps to find the article through the Library:
1) Always start at the MCOB Library website rather than going to the publisher's website. We can authenticate your JAG number/password showing you are a current student and should have access. If you go directly through Google and the publisher, they may ask you to pay for the article.
2) First, locate the journal title. (In APA format, it is usually italicized.) In this case it is Work, Employment, and Society.  
3) In the middle of the MCOB Library page, click on the tab for Journals.
3) We've provided links to some of the most popular magazines or journals.
4) If there's not a direct link to your journal provided, enter the name of the journal/magazine in the search box and click "Search". "Our Journal & E-Book List" will tell you if we subscribe to the journal that the article is in. 
5) If we have the journal, this list will tell you which database(s) the journal is in and the years that are available. Click on the link for the database that includes the year of publication you need. This particular article was published in 2006, so you can use either of the last two links into the Sage Journals database.
6) If you are off-campus, it will ask for your Jag number and password (same as your email account). Then the database will open.
7) Once it opens, you can search by date, volume/issue, author or the title of the article to pull it up.
Just FYI.. we don't have all journals available electronically. Some we only have in print (especially older journals, pre-2000s). If you do need one that we only have in print, fill out an ILL (InterLibrary Loan) request form, and they will scan it and send to you.
If we don't have the journal, you can request the article through the University Libraries' Interlibrary Loan Service, which is located in the Marx Library. They will do their best to borrow an electronic copy for you from another Library that does own that journal.