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REDCap: Getting Started


Want to know if REDCap is the right choice for your project? Have questions about a project or need training? Request a consultation with one of our REDCap@USA team members.

Clista Clanton is the Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Biomedical Library and leads the REDCap@USA team. She manages the REDCap@USA Team and has championed offering REDCap as a resource for research and performance improvement projects at USA and USA Health since 2015.

Heather Hoven-Glass is the Night Circulation Supervisor at the Biomedical Library and the Campus REDCap Administrator. Heather has supported REDCap at the USA Campus for more than 4 years and consults with faculty, staff, and students on REDCap projects.

Jessica Medema is a Library Technical Assistant II at the Biomedical Library and the Health System REDCap Administrator.  Jessica has experience with building REDCap projects, running reports, and developing training materials.

REDCap@USA is administered by the Strategic Initiatives Department at the Biomedical Library. 

Training Materials


Introductory and Feature-Specific REDCap Videos

Videos that explain each feature as you go are also available within REDCap once you are logged in. Look for the film-reel icon.

training videos

Additional training materials created by other institutions: