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REDCap: REDCap External Modules

REDCap External Modules

Individual packages of software called external modules are available for REDCap and can extend functionality, customization and enhancements at both the system and individual project level.  Modules will need to be enabled by a REDCap Administrator, and a list of current modules are available from the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics.  


Want to know if REDCap is the right choice for your project? Have questions about a project or need training? Request a consultation with one of our REDCap@USA team members.

Clista Clanton is the Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Biomedical Library and leads the REDCap@USA team. She manages the REDCap@USA Team and has championed offering REDCap as a resource for research and performance improvement projects at USA and USA Health since 2015.

Heather Hoven-Glass is the Night Circulation Supervisor at the Biomedical Library and the Campus REDCap Administrator. Heather has supported REDCap at the USA Campus for more than 3 years and consults with faculty, staff, and students on REDCap projects.

Jessica Medema is a Library Technical Assistant II at the Biomedical Library and the Health System REDCap Administrator.  Jessica has experience with building REDCap projects, running reports, and developing training materials.

REDCap@USA is administered by the Strategic Initiatives Department at the Biomedical Library.



BioPortal is an online repository of biomedical terminologies and ontologies maintained by the National Center for Biomedical Ontology. BioPortal enables community participation in the evaluation and evolution of ontology content by providing features to add mappings between terms, to add comments linked to specific ontology terms and to provide ontology reviews. 

Users can easily incorporate this service into REDCap to generate semantically aware applications and to facilitate structured data collection. This is done with an ordinary text field on a survey or data entry form which will provide auto-suggest functionality for real-time searching within biomedical ontologies, such as RxNorm, ICD-9, ICD-10, Snomed CT, LOINC, etc.