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McCall Library Oral History Collections: Civil Rights

A comprehensive list of the Oral History Collections found at the McCall Library

Community Leaders

Accession # 328-1997                            

John LeFlore Oral History Tapes

Format: VHS and CD         

Dates Covered: 1996        

34 VHS videotapes with various people involved with John LeFlore and the civil rights movement in Mobile, Alabama.  This collection contains video interviews with ten individuals who knew or worked closely with John LeFlore: Joseph Langan, O. B. Purifoy, Dr. W. B. LeFlore, Janet LeFlore, Frederick Richardson, J. C. Randolph, Hon. James T. Strickland, Henry C. Williams, Geraldine Clark, and Lancie Thomas. The thirty-four tapes are indexed.


Accession # 454-2006          

Neighborhood Organized Workers Oral History Project, 2003

Format: Cassettes    

Dates Covered: 2003

Oral history interviews John Lyles conducted with David Underhill and Jerry Pogue and 1 cassette of an interview done with George Langham. All three are former members of the Neighborhood Organized Workers. Also included are two folders containing the transcript of the interview with Underhill and Pogue.

Previously in Accession # 270

Melton McLaurin/ John LeFlore Audio

Format: Reel Tapes

Dates Covered: 1970-1972

Interviews with three prominent figures in the Mobile Civil Rights Movement John LeFlore (a local figure who was heavily involved in the civil rights movement in Mobile), Frank P. Thomas Jr., (who was the editor and publisher of the Mobile Beacon, a newspaper primarily for the black community), and Joseph Langan ( a local lawyer and legislator in Alabama).

Community Leaders

Accession # 383-2001

Dr. Nahfiza Ahmed Collection Interviews      

Format: Cassettes

Dates Covered: 1925-1990

Audio taped oral interviews conducted in connection with Dr. Ahmed's published book entitled: Race, Class and Citizenship: The Civil Rights Struggle in Mobile, Alabama, 1925-1990.

Accession # 413-2004            

Vernon Z. Crawford Interviews 

Format:  Cassette and digital audio

Dates Covered: 1956-1985

Vernon Z. Crawford was a local African American lawyer who worked on multiple civil rights cases. These interviews were recorded in 2005 with Jean Crawford (wife of Vernon Z. Crawford) and Fred Richardson (a local postman and councilman who wrote a book on the Neighborhood Organized worker movement).

Accession # 423-2005     

Delene M. Case Thesis Audio

Format: Cassettes    

Dates Covered: 2003

Audio cassette interviews and transcripts of interviews of Dallas Blanchard, Fredrick Richardson, Melton McLaurin, Jerry Pogue, David Underhill, Gwendolyn Williams, Ned Milner, and Dora Finley. Email interview of Sister Patricia Caraher.     

The nine interviewees participated or assisted with the Neighborhood Organized Workers (NOW) and/or other civil rights organizations in Mobile during the 1960s and 1970s. The interviews are recorded on audio tape and the transcriptions are included in the collection. An email conversation has been printed and is included in the interview transcripts. These interviews were part of Ms. Case’s M.A. thesis, "Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around' : the black freedom struggle in Mobile, Alabama, 1902-1969."