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McCall Library Oral History Collections: Local History

A comprehensive list of the Oral History Collections found at the McCall Library

Community Leaders

Accession # 397-2002                  

Sonny Callahan Congressional Papers

Format: Cassettes

Dates Covered: 1985-2003

Two oral interviews conducted with Congressman Sonny Callahan in 2003 by Carol Ellis.

Accession # 398-2003         

Carol Ellis Thesis Oral Interviews

Format: Cassettes

Dates Covered: 2002

Oral interviews with Mobile, retired City Archivist Jay Higginbotham, former Mayor of Mobile, Joseph Langan, Birmingham Lawyer James Blacksher, and Father Edward B. Arroyo of New Orleans, Loyola University. These interviews were related to research Ellis was conducting for her Masters Thesis "The Tragedy of the white moderate' : Father Albert Foley and Alabama civil rights, 1963-1967."


Accession # 268-1993          

Martha Mercer War Bride Tapes

Format: Cassettes

Dates Covered: 1992

Audio interviews conducted as part of a master's thesis entitled "British Brides, American Wives: The Immigration and Acculturation of War Brides in Mobile, Alabama, 1945-1993" by Martha Jones Mercer. Transcripts of the tapes are also available.

Accession # 596-2012     

Harry Carolin Oral History     

Format: Cassette

Dates Covered: 1979

Interview with Harry Carolin, an employee of Erik Overbey conducted on May 20, 1979.

Accession # 362-2000  

Jeanette K. Maygarden Interviews

Format: VHS and Cassettes  

Dates Covered: 1994-1995

Twenty-five interviews with various Mobilians looking at local organizations, schools and how Mobile has changed over the decades.  Some notable interviews include Eugene Walter, a local writer, and Joseph Langan, a local politician.


Accession #747-2021

Interview with Alec Thigpen and Karen Burton

Format: Digital Audio

Dates Covered: 1942-2021

An interview in which Alec Thigpen discusses his career as a commercial photographer who learned the business from his father Roy Thigpen. Thigpen Sr. founded the successful studio in Mobile in 1947. Thigpen also discusses his father's military career and family life.