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CA 224: Introduction to Strategic Communication: Finding Case Studies

This guide is in support of CA 224 at the University of South Alabama.

Nexis Uni (LexisNexis)

Tips for using Nexis Uni:

  1. Use Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT to improve your searches.
  2. Use "phrase searching" (words in quotes) to keep exact phrases together.
  3. Narrow by date, publication type, and language.
  4. Use the top bar to search, print, save, or upload a document to the cloud.


Other Sources

Website: Most recent, but not always full article access.

ProQuest US Newsstream: Full Access two years back.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Full Access 1851-2013. 


Website: Pew Research Center on Journalism & Media.


Website: Examples of real-life case studies. NOTE: You still have to write your own case study, but this can give you some ideas. Also useful for the SPJ Code of Ethics.