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Marx Library Staff Training for Reference: Common Questions

Quick Answere to Common Questions

The Ask a Librarian page has some answers to some very common questions, and some others are listed below.

Do you have my textbook?

Probably not. The Marx Library does not buy textbooks. However, we may have been given an older version. If you have time, check SOUTHcat for the patron to see if this is the case.

I can't login to the library databases!

Your login for library databases is the same as your login for USAOnline. Your J Number is your username and your JagMail password is your password. For questions more complicated than this, refer the patron to:

Accessing Resources from Off Campus

I graduated from USA. Can I use your databases from my home?

Our current licenses do not allow for that. You are welcome to come into the library and use our databases. If you live in Alabama, you can also use the Alabama Virtual Library.

How do I access the Marx Library wi-fi?

When you setup your wi-fi, choose OPEN as the network to which to connect. For questions more complicated than this, refer the patron to:

Laptop Connections in the Marx Library: Setting up Wireless Access

Can I check out a book if I'm not a student here?

The answer to that is, "It depends." Mention our Courtesy Cards and refer them to:

Courtesy Cards

Where are the fiction books?

There is no fiction section in the Marx Library. We do have fiction titles, but they are shelved with everything about the author as well. Do you have an author in mind? For questions more complicated than this, refer the patron to:

Leisure Reading: Fiction

You can also mention the Marx Library Free Library. These books are located near the Circulation desk in the atrium. Patrons do not need to check out these books; they can just take them. Books in the Free Library have this sticker on them,

How do I print?

You need to get a TRACcard. The printers are across from the circulation desk. For more detailed information, refer the patron to the Circulation Desk or to:

Printing at the Marx Library

Are there any jobs available in the library?

For people looking for staff positions, refer them to Human Resources. For students, tell them they should check with the Dean's Office near the end of each semester. They should also fill out the application form for student workers here:

Library Positions: Student Positions

Where is the Agnes Tennenbaum collection?

Books in the Agnes Tennenbaum collection are shelved with other books on the Holocaust, which can be in a variety of call number areas, depending on the focus. To find the items that are in this collection, do a title search in SOUTHcat for "Agnes Tennenbaum." For more complicated questions, refer the patron to:

Agnes Tennenbaum Holocaust Library Collection

My professor put something on course reserve. How do I find it?

Go to SOUTHcat, click on the Course Reserves tab and choose your class or instructor. For more detailed information refer the patron to:

Course Reserves

How do I find full text articles in the library?

Try OneSearch. For more complicated questions, refer the patron to:

Finding Full Text Articles

How can I find out if you have a specific journal titles?

Go to the library's web site and click on Journal/Ebook List. Type in your title. This will tell you if we have access to the title and will usually provide the years for which we have access. For more complicated questions, refer the patron to:

Finding Full Text Articles

I have this weird call number: Y 3.P 31: 2 C 29. What is it, and where can I find it? Can I check it out?

It's a government document. All government documents that the library has in print are on the 2nd Floor South. You can check it out if the location is listed as Marx Library Government Documents Bookshelves. Otherwise, it cannot be checked out. For more information or more complicated questions, refer the patron to:

About our FDLP Collection

I really need this book (or article), but you don't have it. How can I get it?

If is is not your textbook and you are affiliated with USA, we can get the book for you on Interlibrary Loan. If you are faculty, staff or student with the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, or Allied Health Professions, the Biomedical Library can get it for you through their Interlibrary Loan services.

For Marx Library Interlibrary Loan information: Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery
For Biomedical Library Interlibrary Loan Information: ILL/DD Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any Accelerated Reader titles?

Yes, we do. Refer the patron to the following guide to help them determine what we have:

ESL: Accelerated Reader Program