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Agnes Tennenbaum Holocaust Library Collection: Books for Youth

Selected Titles

More Titles

    1. Abramson, Ann. Who Was Anne Frank?
    2. Adler, David A. A Picture Book of Anne Frank
    3. Adler, David A. Hiding From the Nazis
    4. Anne Frank House: Anne Frank in the World, 1929-1945
    5. Auerbacher, Inge. I Am a Star
    6. Ayer, Eleanor H. In the Ghettos: Teens Who Survived Ghettos
    7. Ayer, Eleanor. Parallel Journeys
    8. Bartoletti,Susan Campbell.  The Boy Who Dared
    9. Bitten-Jackson, Livi. I Have Lived a Thousand Years
    10. Boas, Jaco. We Are Witnesses
    11. Bogacki, Tomek.  Champion of Children: Story of Janusz Korczak
    12. Boyne, John. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
    13. Bunting, Eve. Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust
    14. Byers, Ann. Oskar Schindler
    15. Byers, Ann. Trapped Youth in the Nazi Ghettos
    16. Cavanah, Frances. Marta and the Nazis
    17. Cohn, Janice, DSW.  The Christmas Menorahs
    18. Drucker M &  M. Halperin.  Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust Story
    19. Dwork, Deborah. Children with a Star
    20. Gallaz, Christophe. Rose Blanche
    21. Giff, Patricia Reilly.  Lily's Crossing
    22. Gold, Alison Leslie. Memories of Anne Frank
    23. Goodrich, F., A Hackett. The Diary of Anne Frank and Related Readings
    24. Haalman, Perry. Mordecai
    25. Hesse, Karen. Letters from Rifka
    26. Hoffman, Judy. Joseph and Me
    27. Holliday, Laurel. Children in the Holocaust and World War II
    28. lsaacman, Clar. Clara's Story
    29. Kacer, Kathy. Hiding Edith
    30. Klein, Gerda Weissman. Promise of a New Spring
    31. Lemelman, Martin.  Mendel's Daughter
    32. Levoy, Myron. Alan and Naomi
    33. Lobel, Anita.  No Pretty Pictures
    34. Mazer, Norma Fox. Good Night, Maman
    35. Mochizuki, Ken. Passage to Freedom
    36. Morgenstern, Naomi.  I Wanted to Fly Like a Butterfly
    37. Nolan, Han. If I Should Die Before I Wake
    38. Orgel, Doris. The Devil in Vienna
    39. Orlev, Uri. The Sandgame
    40. Perl, Lila. Four Perfect Pebbles
    41. Pettit. Jayne.  A Place to Hide
    42. Rose, Leesha. The Tulips Are Red
    43. Roy, Jennifer. Yellow Star
    44. Rubin, Susan Goldman. The Cat With the Yellow Star: Coming of Age in Terezin
    45. Rubin, Susan Goldman. The Anne Frank Case: Simon Wiesenthal's Search
    46. Schmittroth, Linda. People of the Holocaust
    47. Schroeder, Peter W. Six Million Paper Clips
    48. Sheehan, Sean. The Death Camps
    49. Shirer, William L.  The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
    50. Spinelli, Jerry. Milkweed
    51. Spring, Debbie. The Righteous Smuggler
    52. Stadtler, Bea. The Holocaust
    53. Stein, R. Conrad. The Holocaust
    54. Steiner-Aviezer, Miriam.  The Soldier with the Golden Buttons
    55. Tatelbaum, ltzhak. Through Our Eyes
    56. Volavkova, Hana. I Never Saw Another Butterfly
    57. Vos, Ida. Anna is Still Here
    58. Vos, Ida. Hide and Seek
    59. Wachtel, Shirley Russak.  The Story of Blima
    60. Warren Andrea. Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps
    61. Wassilijawa, Taijana. Hostage to War
    62. Weisbarth, Bracha. To Live and Fight Another Day
    63. Weiss, Julie. One Eye Laughing, The Other Weeping
    64. Winter, Kathryn. Katerina
    65. The Holocaust