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Agnes Tennenbaum Holocaust Library Collection: Papers & Miscellaneous Items

Occasional Papers from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  1. Adamczyk-Garbowska, Monika. Patterns Of Return: Survivors' Postwar Journeys to Poland
  2. Arad, Yitzhak. The Holocaust in the Soviet Union
  3. Baigell, Matthew E.  Jewish Artists in New York During Holocaust Years
  4. Bartov, Omer. From the Holocaust in Galicia to Contemporary Genocide: Common Ground-Historical Differences
  5. Bauer, Yehuda. On the Holocaust and Other Genocides
  6. Browning, Christopher.  Initiating the Final Solution: The Fateful Months of September-October 1941
  7. Buergenthal, Thomas. International Law and the Holocaust
  8. Caron, Vicki. The Path to Vichy: Antisemitism in France in the 1930s
  9. Engel, David. On Studying Jewish History in Light of Holocaust
  10. Gay,Peter , Moritz Frohlich. Morris Gay: A German Refugee in the United States
  11. Gilbert, Sir Martin. Holocaust Writing and Research Since 1945
  12. Giles, Geoffrey J , Why Bother About Homosexuals? Homophobia and Sexual Politics in Nazi Germany
  13. Goldhagen, Daniel. 'Willing Executioners' /'Ordinary Men' Debate
  14. Greenspan, Henry. The Awakening of Memory: Survivor Testimony in the First Years after the Holocaust and Today
  15. Grynberg, Henryk. The Holocaust as a Literary Experience
  16. Hartman, Geoffrey H. Preserving Living Memory: The Challenge and Power of Video Testimony
  17. Hayes, Peter. Profits and Persecution: German Big Business and the Holocaust
  18. Heberer, Patricia. The Holocaust in the Netherlands: A Reevaluation
  19. Hertzberg, Arthur. The First Encounter: Survivors and Americans in the Late 1940s
  20. Iggers, Georg G.  Refugee Historians from Nazi German: Political Attitudes towards Democracy
  21. Jarausch, Konrad. The Conundrum of Complicity: German Professionals and the Final Solution
  22. Krell, Robert. Psychological Reverberations of Holocaust in the Lives of Child Survivors
  23. Lang, Berel. Uncovering Certain Mischievous Questions About the Holocaust
  24. Longerich, Peter. Policy of Destruction: Nazi Anti-Jewish Policy and the Genesis of the Final Solution
  25. Mommsen, Hans. Future Challenges to Holocaust Scholarship as an Integrated Part of the Study of Modern Dictatorship
  26. Picard, Jacques. On the Ambivalence of Being Neutral: Switzerland and Swiss Jewry Facing the Rise and Fall of the Nazi State
  27. Rodrigue, Aron. Sephardim and the Holocaust
  28. Rosenfeld, Alvin H. Anne Frank and Future of Holocaust Memory
  29. Roth, John. In the Shadow of Birkenau: Ethical Dilemmas during and after the Holocaust
  30. Stern, Frank. Facing the Past: Representations of the Holocaust in German Cinema since 1945
  31. Suedfeld, Peter. Life After the Ashes: The Postwar Pain and Resilience of Young Holocaust Survivors
  32. Tec, Nechama. Jewish Children: Between Protectors and Murderers
  33. Tec, Nechama. Jewish Resistance: Facts, Omissions, and Distortions
  34. Weinberg, Gerhard L. Germany's War for World Conquest and ...
  35. Weinberg, Gerhard L. World War lI Leaders and Their Visions for ... 
  36. Zipperstein, Steven J. Past Revisited: Reflections on the Study of the Holocaust and Contemporary Antisemitism
  37. no author. Children and the Holocaust
  38. no author. Confiscation of Jewish Property in Europe, 1933-45: New Sources and Perspectives
  39. no author. Forced and Slave Labor in Nazi-Dominated Europe
  40. no author. Ghettos 1939-1945: New Research and Perspectives on Definition, Daily Life, and Survival 
  41. no author. Hungary and the Holocaust: Confrontations with the Past
  42. no author. Jewish Resistance: A Working Bibliography
  43. no author.  Lithuania and the Jews: The Holocaust Chapter
  44. no author.  Roma and Sinti: Under-Studied Victims of Nazism

Miscellaneous Items in File Boxes

  1. 1900-2000: A Genocidal Century, William L. Shulman
  2. A Brief Lesson in History , William L. Shulman
  3. A State of Terror: Germany 1933-1939, William L. Shulman
  4. A Testimony for Every Holocaust Victim
  5. Anatomy of a Ghetto , William L. Shulman
  6. Dachau (After the Battle)
  7. Daisy Brand
  8. Fiftieth Anniversary of Kristallnacht (SIDIC)
  9. From Desolation to Hope, Fisher, Klenicki
  10. Ghetto Museum Terezin
  11. Good and Evil after Auschwitz (SIDIC)
  12. Handicapped
  13. Holocaust "Revisionism": Reinventing Big Lie
  14. Holocaust
  15. Homosexuals
  16. Jehovah's Witnesses
  17. Poles
  18. Questionable Issue: Currency of Holocaust
  19. Recognition of Goodness
  20. Remembrance: 50th Anniversary Commemorative
  21. Resistance during the Holocaust
  22. Sinti & Roma
  23. Tell your children ...
  24. Ten Year Anniversary Book
  25. The Difference One Can Make, L Reed, R Stafford
  26. The Holocaust (SIDIC)
  27. The Holocaust
  28. The Holocaust
  29. The Holocaust: Frequently Asked Questions, A Milgram, R Rbzett
  30. The Jews of Holland during the Shoah
  31. The Rediscovery of Judaism, John M. Oesterreicher
  32. The Shoah: A Catholic View
  33. The Teheran Children , Dorit Bader Whiteman
  34. The Teheran Children , William L. Shulman
  35. The Vatican and Nazism
  36. The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Yad Vashem
  37. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
  38. To Save One Life: Story of Righteous Gentiles , William L. Shulman
  39. Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Its Historical. ..
  40. Where Have All the Children Gone , William L. Shulman

Miscellaneous Uncataloged Items

  1. Anti-Semitism Worldwide 1995/6
  2. Days ofRemembrance
  3. Fifty Years Ago
  4. Go Where Your Eyes Take You, Daniel Berger
  5. Holocaust (boxed collection of booklets)
  6. HolocaustTheology, Dan Cohn-Sherbok
  7. Holocaust: A History, Dwork & Van Pelt
  8. Jewish Resistance
  9. The Bugs Are Burning, Hersh & Wolf
  10. The Catholic Church and the Holocaust, 1930-1965, Michael Phayer
  11. While Six Million Died, Arthur D. Morse