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Landmark Cases: State Cases


Using Lexis-Nexis for State Cases

Lexis-Nexis Academic is the best database the library has for finding state cases or information about state cases. On the front page of the database you can:

  1. Either search for a case by citation or topic -- if however, you want to limit to a particular state,
  2. Opening up the US Legal menu where you can choose a particular state is the best way to search

Lexis front page

Depending on what you are interested in, next choose either Federal & State Cases or State Statutes, Codes & Regulations.

Lexis step 2

Search by keyword and limit to the jurisdiction you are interested in. You have several choices here; you can limit to a particular state or to all state high courts.

Lexis Jurisdiction limiting

You can limit even further on the results screen by using the facets on the left side of the page to choose the date range and the court in which you are most interested.

Lexis results