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MET 353: General Meteorology: Reference Books

Finding Reference Books

Subject encyclopedias and handbooks have a wealth of background information that can provide you with a strong foundation upon which to build your research. To find a subject encyclopedia, try the search strategies shown in this tutorial. Use the same techniques to find handbooks - substitute "handbook" for "encyclopedia".

Weather Data

Atlas of Frequency Distribution, Auto-Correlation and Cross-
Correlation of Daily Temperature and Precipitation at Stations in the U.S., 1948-1991. Documents Shelves C 55.22:11e
Climates of the States. Reference QC 983 .C56 1985
Climatological Data, Alabama.
Documents Shelves C 55.214/2:
Comparative Climatic Data for the United States Through ...
Documents Shelves C 55.202:C 61/2/
Extreme Weather: A Guide and Record Book.
Bookstacks QC 983 .B78 2007
Gridded Data Base of Daily Temperature Maxima and
Minima for the Conterminous United States, 1948-1993. Documents Shelves C 55.136:6
Mariner's Weather Log. Documents Shelves C 55.135: ;
Mobile Weather and Marine Almanac.
Ready Reference QC 999 .M6 [annual]
Monthly Climatic Data for the World.
Documents Microfiche C 55.211: or;jsessionid=582D5114FD186A745B009CBDEA2E852B
Monthly, State, Regional and National Cooling Degree Days
Weighted by Population.
Documents Microfiche C 55.287/60-3 or
Monthly, State, Regional and National Heating Degree Days
Weighted by Population.
Documents Microfiche C 55.287/60-2 or
U.S. Hourly Precipitation Data.
Documents Shelves C 55.216/45:900-98 or
Weather Almanac. Reference QC 983 .R83 2001
Weather America: The Latest Detailed Climatological Data
for Over 4000 PlacesWith Rankings. Reference QC 983 .W385 1996
Weather of U.S. Cities. Reference QC 983 .W393 1996
World Weather Records.
Documents Reference C 55.281: W 89/ or


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