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ARH 492: Iconography Seminar: Articles (JSTOR)


JSTOR Default Search

By default, the first screen you will see in JSTOR is the advanced search screen with the following default options.

screenshot of JSTOR default search

JSTOR Search with Additional Rows

You may want to use more than two concepts in your search. You can add a new row by using the Add a Field button.

screenshot highlighting the Add Field option on the search screen

screenshot of JSTOR search with three rows

JSTOR Narrowing by Document Type

If you select the article checkbox, you will not see book reviews, pamphlets, and other miscellaneous items.

screenshot highlighting the limit to articles checkbox

JSTOR Narrowing by Discipline

You can narrow your results by selecting a discipline or disciplines to search.

screenshot highlighting the discipline limiting options

JSTOR Narrowing by Type of Search

You can also narrow your search by changing the option for where search terms need to appear. By default this is full-text. While abstract is presented as an option, most articles in JSTOR do not include abstracts. Occasionally you may want to specify that a word show up in the article title.

screenshot highlighting the search options available

JSTOR Boolean Searching

If you want to find synonyms or variants of one of your search term, use the boolean operator "or."

search showing the use of OR to find synonyms/related terms