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SPE: Special Education: Internet Resources

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Google Books

Google Books allows you to search the full text of some books. Many will be under copyright and you won't be able to see the full text, but you can then search SOUTHcat or WorldCat to see if you can obtain a copy. Public domain titles will often be available in the full text.

Google Book Search

Google Scholar

In order to use Google Scholar to access the Libraries' full text resources from off-campus you need to go through the Marx Library web site or through in order to be recognized as affiliated with the University of South Alabama. After you login, change your preferences:

  1. Once you get to Google Scholar, choose Scholar Preferences from the top right, next to Sign in
  2. In the Library Links box, type University of South Alabama
  3. You should get three choices:University of South Alabama - Full-Text@USA ; Alabama Virtual Library - AONE Full Text@AVL , and Open WorldCat (Library Search)
  4. Check the boxes in front of each one except Alabama Virtual Library - AONE Full Text @ AVL
  5. Click Save Preferences
Google Scholar Search