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Advanced Googling: About Google

How to use Google most effectively (we know you are going to use it, so learn to use it well!)

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Some words on using Google

I know that you are expecting to hear from a bunch of librarians, that Google is BAD and should never be consulted; well, be prepared for a shock--Librarians like and use Google too! 

Instead of suggesting that you never use Google (which we know you will not do), we are here to show you how to use Google most effectively: how to do advanced searches in Google, how to use Google Scholar and Google Books, and MOST IMPORTANTLY how to critically evaluate the quality of the information that you find so that you can make the most informed decision about whether that particular source is appropriate for academic use.

Remember, a great deal of the material and resources that are included in our databases, found under Article, Indexes, and Databases, cannot be accessed via the open web, aka Google.  So always, when conducting academic research, search those wonderful databases!

Also, don't neglect those old dead-tree books in the library; they may be a little "old-school" in our world of e-books, e-readers, and smartphones, but they do contain a wealth of scholarly information.  Yea, it may require you to actually come to the library, but it's worth it; I promise! Check SOUTHcat for titles.

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