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CH 492/493 - Chemistry Seminar: Troubleshooting SciFinder

Slow Structure Editor?

The SciFinder structure/reaction editor can be slow (at least a minute) to load in your web browser, especially the first time you open it during that session. You may also be promted to accept a certificate or ActiveX plug-in. More about browser requirements here.

A Java plug-in is also required for the editor. Most likely, this is already installed.

Cannot Connect to SciFinder?

There are several common reasons why you may have problems connecting to SciFinder:

    1. You get this message: Your allocated system resources are currently unavailable to access SciFinder. Please try again later.
      The maximum number of people are using SciFinder at this time. Remember, USA shares 3 SciFinder seats with 5 other schools. If you try back in a few minutes, you will most likely be able to get in. Depending on your search needs, consider using an alternative database while you're waiting to get in:  ACS JournalsScienceDirectScopus, or one of the other databases on the Article Databases tab.
    2. You get this message: Not Authorized from this IP address.
      Your computer's IP address has not been authenticated as USA. If you're off-campus, make sure to use the links to SciFinder on the Library's webpages. If you are on-campus and using your laptop, make sure you're connecting to the USA "OPEN" wireless access.
    3. If you have problems with your account that cannot be resolved by resetting your password, you must contact CAS directly, 800-848-6538 or


If you still have problems connecting to SciFinder, please contact Amy Prendergast. Sometimes this involves network or firewall issues, and you may need to work with your IT people to resolve these.