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CH 492/493 - Chemistry Seminar: Access SciFinder

Access Off-Campus?

Remote access to SciFinder is available. You must first logon to the Library's proxy server. Use the links to SciFinder on the Library's webpages to make sure you do this.

Access On-Campus?

SciFinder Web can be accessed from most computers on campus, provided you have completed the registration process and have a username/password.

Using a laptop? You can use SciFinder as long as you use the USA "OPEN" wireless network.

Access SciFinder

SciFinder requires a one-time registration and creation of a username/password. You'll need to login with this information each time you use SciFinder. If you had a SciFinder account at another institution, you will need to register again and with a new username.

  1. Review detailed registration instructions provided by CAS: SciFinder User Registration
  2. Go to the USA SciFinder Registration Form to register and create a user name and password. You must register with your USA email address.
  3. When you receive your confirmation email (which may go to your spam folder), click the link in the message to complete the registration.

To login to SciFinder, go to