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ARH 332: Baroque and Rococo Art: Part A

Part A

For this assignment, you are required to use the notes and bibliography from the article that you chose for Assignment 1 Part B to find another article used by your author. 

Using the bibliography of an article to find more relevant articles and resources related to your topic is an advanced and handy skill called citation mining.  Literally, you are digging through the bibliography of another article to find that wonderful gold nugget of information (ie another source).

The Marx Library has a wonderful tool called "Look Up a Citation" that will make citation mining super easy for you!

You can find "Look Up a Citation" on our homepage under Find Articles.

Steps to Citation Mining:

1. While reading your article, make a note of any other sources the author uses that you might be interested in or that are related to your topic.

2. Use the note to scan your articles bibliography for the interesting article's citation.

3.  Plug the citation information found in the article's bibliography into "Look Up a Citation." The only required elements are article title, journal title, volume, and issue. Click "Look Up."

4. You will be directed to the 360 Link page; this page indicates in which databases the library owns that specific journal article.  Many times, the library will own an article in more than one database; it is up to personal preference which database that you chose.

From here chose "article" in your chosen database. This will take you directly to your chosen article.

If "article" is not available, click "journal;" this will take you a few more clicks to access the article.

Part A (Second Part)

In addition to citation mining for a second article, you are required to use the database WorldCat to locate a primary source mentioned in your article.  For the purposes of this assignment, a primary source is a source that was written during the same time period as your artist was working.  In the case of my article and artist, the author of the article suggests that Bernini was influenced by the work of the 17th century poet, Giambattista Marino.  I am going to search WorldCat for his work.


1) Find mention of primary source in the bibliography or notes of your article.

2) Search WorldCat to find out if the USA Marx Library owns a copy of his work. I am simply going to start by doing a keyword search for his name.

3) Review your results for an appropiate title.  This title looks promising.  Click on the title to see more information.  Check the Note(s) field in the record to make sure the book is actual translations of the poet's work.

4) Check to see if the Marx Library owns this title.  If it does, there would be a green box that says "The University of South Alabama" under the Availabilty.


USA does not own the title I want so I will have to request it through ILL.  You can do this via WorldCat.  Chose "Click here for ILL."

ILL: Things to Remember

Please keep these things in mind when considering using ILL:

  • ILL should be used sparingly
  • The ILL Department cannot guarantee when a requested item will arrive. Allow a minimum of 10 working days (Monday - Friday) for book loans and photocopies of articles. Note any deadlines on request form. Materials out of state, in high demand, or difficult to locate take longer.
  • Check SOUTHcat to make sure we do not have the book either available in print or electronically
    • When searching for a book, do a title or author search--DO NOT use the ISBN only. We may own a different edition or version of the book (ex. hardback vs. paperback)
    • If the material is in our holdings, the ILL staff will cancel your request
  • Check Our Journal List to make sure we do not have the journal available print or electronically
    • If the material is in our holdings, the ILL staff will cancel your request
  • If you must use ILL, check WorldCatfor libraries that have your material
    • Check again to be sure USA Libraries does not own your selected material
      • In WorldCat, look for the green highlighted "University of South Alabama," indicating we own that item
    • Remember, libraries in-state are often faster at delivering materials than those libraries at great distances
    • Rare books and archival material will not be sent through ILL
  • Use the "Click here for ILL" link in WorldCat to import the bibliographic material into the ILL system

For more detailed information on ILL, see InterLibrary Loan Policies and Procedures

Step-by-Step Guide to ILLiad


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