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USA Marx Library Training Program for Student Assistants: Guidelines

Check These Out!

Please take some time to review the following guidelines carefully!  We want you to have a successful and rewarding job experience here at the USA Marx Library, and following these guidelines assures that you know and understand what is expected of you...and knowing is half the battle!

Guidelines for Student Workers

We realize that your primary reason for being at USA is to get an education and therefore your top priority is to complete your classes. By accepting employment with us you agree to be available to work throughout the academic semester. Expect to work during the library’s extended hours for final exam periods. We will arrange your work hours around your exam schedules, and we will try to make whatever work schedule adjustments are necessary to allow you sufficient time to prepare for those tests, but do not expect to be excused from work during those times.

If you hold another job in addition to this one, we expect that it will be subordinate to this one. Again, we will try to be flexible, but your commitment to this job must take precedence over other jobs.

Work Schedule

It is important to be on time and to report in to your supervisor. If you are going to be over 15 minutes late or absent due to an illness or an emergency, call and inform your supervisor as soon as possible. Any changes in your work schedule must be approved by your supervisor. You should be aware that multiple unexcused absences may result in the termination of your employment. Once again, be aware that you may be asked to work the library’s extended hours during finals week.

Personal Appearance

Though there is no rigid dress code for working in the library, you are expected to dress appropriately. This means clean and well-groomed, wearing suitable, non-provocative or demeaning clothing (e.g. no midriff shirts, extremely short shorts, tank tops, shirts with inappropriate slang or images etc.). Always wear your "Library Student Assistant" badge when you are on duty. Remember that a patron's first impression is often based on appearance and demeanor. You represent the library, so act and dress appropriately.

Work Time

Activities such as class work, recreational reading, personal business including cell phone calls and socializing to an unreasonable degree while on duty are not permitted. This includes checking any e-mail accounts, checking accounts on Facebook, downloading music for iPods, cell phones or MP3 players and reading / looking at any online materials (e.g. comics, Flickr, YouTube, etc.)


Radios, CD/MP3 players, cell phones and iPods are not to be used while you are on duty, unless specifically permitted by your supervisor.

Schedules and Time Sheets

Pay periods are biweekly, with paychecks being issued on alternating Fridays. Your paycheck will be located at your department’s desk. Before paychecks can be issued we must have your time sheets. As soon as your time sheet is placed in your file, sign it and leave it in your supervisor's tray.


  • Students should set up a weekly work schedule based on hours awarded per week.  Students should maintain this schedule.  If you must make changes, please notify your supervisor.
  • Students must call the department when they cannot work at their regularly scheduled time.  Failure to do so will seriously affect their evaluation, and 3 times is grounds for dismissal.
  • Each student should maintain a sign-in/sign-out sheet in the department.  Hours should be noted daily and totaled at the end of each week.  Students should work whole, half, or quarter hours only. Hours on the sign-in/sign-out sheet will be recorded on the time sheet at the end of the pay period.
  • Time sheets are electronic, through your PAWS account, and MUST BE FILLED OUT AND SUBMITTED BY THE STUDENT, and will  be approved by the supervisor.  The student cannot get paid if the time sheet is not submitted.  Be sure to submit time sheets before the last day of the pay period.
  • Do not work over the total number of hours allotted to you by Financial Aid or Library Administration. 
  • Provide the department with your telephone number and address where you may be reached.
  • Paychecks are direct deposited.


If you work as many as four hours during any shift, you are entitled to one 15 minute break. Check with your supervisor before taking your break, and report back as soon as your break has ended. You are not allowed to save breaks for time off at a later date. Also, you may not take breaks during the last hour of a shift in order to leave early. If you work eight or more consecutive hours you must take a lunch/dinner break of at least a half hour. If you take a lunch/ dinner break, it must be off-the-clock.

You may use the staff lounge, refrigerator, microwave and stove for your lunch or breaks, but please clean up after yourself. If you don’t know the code for the door, ask a staff member or supervisor. Be aware that no-one is allowed in this area except for Student Assistants and staff of the library.

Library Equipment

Department telephones and copy machines are for official library business and are not for personal use.  You are allowed to use your cell phone if you go outside of the library and use your break time to do so.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Any records and files which you may view at work are confidential by law and must not be discussed outside of your department. Do not leave patron information on the screen longer than necessary. Do not reveal the identity of one patron to another, even a faculty member. If a person of authority asks for library records, direct them to Library Administration.