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MA 410: History of Mathematics: Sample Paper Topics

Suggested Topics

Here are some topics suggested by your teacher:

• History of perfect numbers from Euclid to the day before yesterday
• The influence of social needs on the uses of mathematics
• History of the binomial theorem
• The quadratic equation
• An insight into Islamic mathematics
• Goldbach and his famous conjecture
• The history of logarithms and logarithm tables
• Geometrical mathematical recreations
• Prime numbers
• The history of trigonometry
• Charles Babbage and his engines
• Some revolutionary curves
• Angle trisection
• Relationship of mathematics to music
• Comparison of algebra texts from 1900 to today
• American mathematics prior to 1875
• How our view of the early history of mathematics has changed in the last 100 years
• The dark ages were dark for mathematics, too
• Is mathematics discovered or invented?
• How new was the new math?
• Female mathematicians in history
• The books that most changed our present geometry texts
• The remarkable Bernoulli family
• The rise of periodical literature and how it affected mathematics
• The changing nature of function
• The calculus priority dispute
• The history of linear programming
• Quality control, with emphasis on control charts
• The role of cryptology in World War II
• Navigation and mathematics
• The Platonic solids
• Mathematics and the early Rabbis
• History of Hindu mathematics
• The history of pi