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AN 305: Archaeological Method and Theory: Example Topic / Search Term Generation

This LibGuide is in support of the University of South Alabama's AN 305 course.

Search Terms for Databases

How can the food people used to eat help us understand how outside contact affected Asia?

(Note: This is not a great topic. Use the brainstorming process of generating keywords to make it more specific.)


Synonym: diet

Synonym: cuisine

Narrower: cooking

Even Narrow: cooking vessels

Broader: foodways


Synonym: encounters

Narrower: European contact.

Broader: exploration

East  Asia

No synonyms.

Narrower: China


Even Narrower: Ancient China


Even Narrower: Zhou Empire

Broader: Asia

Keyword Search for SOUTHcat

1. Keyword search:

Ancient China AND Cooking Vessels

2. Revise with subject headings: 


REVISE SEARCH: Food Habits; Food

3. Filters:



Gov Docs

Streaming Media

4. Sort by:

Publication date, descending