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MKT 336: International Marketing: Getting Started

This course guide is designed to assist those students taking International Marketing (MKT 336). [Originally created by Marty Branch, Business Librarian]


Welcome, I hope you find this guide useful as you study marketing and specifically with your studies in International Marketing.  You will find there is a wealth of information and if you need assistance, please come see us in the Mitchell College of Business Library - we love to help!

Course Guide Navigation

Country Demographics/Markets - this page contains useful information and links regarding country and market demographics.

Culture - this page contains some information and links regarding culture consideration from other countries.

Economic and Statistical Data - this page contains useful information and links on statistical data needed for your international market planning.

Law or Legal Issues - this page contains information on legal issues the international marketer needs to consider.

Recommended Books - this page contains recommended reading by the business librarian.

Organizations for the Marketer - this page contains all organizations that might assist the international marketer.

MLA Citation Resources - the page contains an overview of resources to assist you in MLA Citation style.

Help and More - this page is how to reach the library and the business librarian for more specific assistance.


As you begin to learn more about International Marketing, think of the variety of resources you can use at our library such as periodicals, journals, databases and books.  Here are just a few periodicals that focus on International Marketing and marketing issues or news.  Remember to search our journals listing for any publication you may need as we may carry either in print, bound in Main Library or in databases.  Otherwise, by clicking on the titles below, you will be linked directly to the resource.

Journal of International Consumer Marketing

Journal of International Marketing

Advertising Age - available online and in our databases such as Lexis Nexis Academic (1986-present)

Barrons's - we carry this in print in the library in our magazine area and keep three months archived.

BusinessWeek (Bloomberg) - BusinessWeek is now called Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  We carry a print copy in the library and keep one year here; also available in multiple databases in the library such as Business Source Premier.

Commodity Trade Statistics - United Nations publication.

Conference Board Record - The Conference Board is a global, independent business membership and research association working in the public interest. Our mission is unique: To provide the world's leading organizations with the practical knowledge they need to improve their performance and better serve society.

 The Financial Times - also available in several of our databases such as Lexis-Nexis Academic (coverage 1982-present)

Forbes - also available in several of our databases such as Business Source Premier (coverage 1990-present)

Fortune - we carry this publication in print in our library and keep one year on hand; also in our databases such as Business Source Premier (coverage 1992-present)

Industrial Marketing Management - also available in our database Science Direct Freedom (coverage 1995-present); Elsevier, Reed Elsevier Group, London

Investor's Daily

Journal of Commerce - also available in our database General Reference Center Gold (coverage 2000-present)

NationMaster - a vast compilation of data from hundreds of sources, search by countries, country groups or categories

Sales and Marketing Managment - also available in our databases such as Business and Company Resource Center (coverage 1983-2010)

Trade Finance - also available in our databases such as Business and Company Resource Center (coverage 1999-present)

Wall Street Journal - available both in print in the library (we keep six months on hand) as well as ProQuest database

Key Databases

Listed below are a few key databases that will further your marketing research:

Key Indexes

If you are unsure of the journal you need for your research but have your topic and search terms defined, use an online index which will search or browse academic materials. 

Business Index ASAP

Google Scholar

New York Times Index

Wall Street Journal Index

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