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EH 105: Honors Composition (St. Clair) : MLA Guide

A guide to library resources for students in Dr. St. Clair's EH 105 class in the fall of 2015

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Academic Integrity

"As a community of students and scholars, The University strives to set and maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. All members of the university community are expected to exhibit honesty and competence in academic work. This responsibility can be met only through earnest and continuing good faith effort on the part of all students and faculty."

The Lowdown, "Student Academic Conduct Policy"

MLA in the Marx Library

Using OneSearch to Create Citations

Many of our databases have citation generators included with them. They are nice to use with one caveat: ALWAYS check the generated citation against the MLA Manual.

Example of a OneSearch generated citation with an error:

To use the citation generator provided in OneSearch, do the following:

One citation at a time

Click on the title of a record

Choose Cite from the menu on the right side of the screen

Scroll to MLA and copy that citation and paste it into your document

Several citations at a time

Citations can be generated in batches if you use OneSearch's folders.

Save your results to a folder in OneSearch and click on the yellow folder at the top in the blue bar.

Choose any of these options from the right menu of your folder results list.  I like the email option best as it places the persistent link to the item with its citation -- the print and save choices place all the citations together and then all the permalinks together. The export option really only works well if you have a citation manager such as Zotero or Mendeley.

Choose Citation Format and then pick MLA