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EH 105: Honors Composition (St. Clair) : Home

A guide to library resources for students in Dr. St. Clair's EH 105 class in the fall of 2012

Interlibrary Loan

If USA does not own a book or journal article you need, we can likely obtain it for you from another library. Allow a minimum of 10 working days, but titles held by libraries in Alabama may arrive faster. No charge is passed on to you for these in-state items. Charges made by out-of-state libraries will be billed to your account. The ILL request forms are available from a link on the library homepage. The first time you use ILL you will need to register.

As graduate students, you can have 20 ILL requests in process at any time, but are limited to 10 requests in one day. Call the ILL office at 460-7034 or email for more information.

ILL is within the reference offices (room 253) on the 2nd floor north.