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Shakespeare: Your Go-To Resource for All Things Bard: Getting Started

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All Things Shakepeare

This guide is designed to help you navigate the huge amount of library resources related to Shakespeare.  While this guide is large, it is by no means meant to be exhaustive.  For more resources or help, contact your friendly reference librarian here.

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Start Here!

Are you looking for...


...a text with good footnotes, a biography, or a                          

book-length study on a play or related                                        

Shakespeare topic? See the Finding Books tab. overview of a person, character, play, or                          

topic? See the Reference tab.                                                  


...secondary criticism and journal articles?

See the Finding Articles tab.                                                


...historical productions, films, theatre-related

topics? See the Performance tab.                                           


...the definition of "bodkin"? Look up words                              

in the Language tab.


...internet resources or blogs? See the Web Resources tab.


...MLA citation style help? See MLA tab.


...Don't know where to start? See Help & More tab.