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Printing at the Marx Library: Everything You Ever Need to Know: Home


You need a TRACcard to print!

TRACCards are the Marx Library's payment system for the library's print management system.

TRACCards are available for purchase (cost $0.50) at the Circulation Desk.  Patrons can purchase TRACcard and prints with cash or debit/credit. 

TRACCards are reusable.  Think of your TRACcard as a gift card for prints or copies. 

How to Print

Steps for Printing:

1. Print your document from one of the library's computer workstations in the Learning Commons or the 2nd floor. 

**A USA ID is required to use the Learning Commons.**

**Only letter size (8 1/2'' x 11'')  If you need help changing a legal sized document into a letter size, please see the Reference Desk.

2.  Type in a User Name/ Password

         This does not need to be your USA issued name/ password.  You can make something up, just remember your chosen name and password--you will need it to print.

3.  Go to one of the printing stations outside the Learning Commons or on the 2nd floor.

It's a good idea to not close your print job until you are sure that it has printed correctly. 

4.  Insert your TRACCard at the print station.

5.  Highlight your print job.

6.  Double check the number of pages and cost for your print job--$$ for the job.

7.  Click "Print."

8.  Type in your chosen password.  These passwords are case sensitive.

9.  Click "OK."

10. Take your TRACCard and printed pages.

Have a problem?  Ask for help at any of our service desks. 

Important Things to Remember

The printer stations are on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library.

TRACcard print stations hold print jobs for 1 hour; if your job has not been printed within 1 hour, the TRACcard computer will delete your job.

Sometimes, long PDF documents (longer than 20 pages) can severely slow down the printing process.  Please break these documents into 2 printing jobs.  To learn how, please see the Trouble-Shooting Tab.

Also, PowerPoint slides with large background images can severely slow down the printing process.  Please remove these images.  To learn how, please see the Troubleshooting tab.